Phils Rotary's has been dealing with all things rotary for almost 20 years. We deal with all types of rotary powered vehicles from R-100s, RX-2's, RX-3's, RX-4's, RX-5's, all RX-7 versions to custom vehicles and hotrods.

At Phil's Rotary's we stock an impressive array of all types of rotary vehicles for sale, from immaculate low kilometre cars to rolling shells. Our wide range of stock is constantly moving so give us a call to see whats new.

We sell many types of parts for rotary vehicles, including rare panels and trim, import engines, genuine Mazda parts (at competitive prices) and engine and chassis performance enhancing parts. Give us a call or email us for a quote on all parts, and remember we can ship all parts nationally and internationally.

At Phil's Rotary's we understand what it means to be an enthusiast, thats why we have undertaken the challenge of being able to supply the parts which no one else can. At Phil's, if we don't have it, no one does.

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